Saturday, 30 October 2010


I miss this kakak kakaks. BADLY. I want their hug, I wanna hear their laughs. I wanna see they smile and badly, I want their reaction when they first saw me :") I miss it so much because I didn't thought they would react like that when we first met time carnival. Hm dah jarang dah chat dgn drng nih. It's been a big disappointment to me.

Today I dapat chat dgn kak nyna sekejap. YEAY ♥ It was amazingg walaupon dpt chat skjp je n in that short time, she was amazing. She was there when I was crying. I asked her if she could hear I nak mengadu and she said ofcourse. Everything went better and I stopped crying because she calmed me down. Nasihat nasihat sume, I was back to okay. So a big thankful to her la kan. She was, is and will always be an amazing pet sister. Ain't nobody will replace her :")

n kak rabbbbb, I miss you like hell! mane you? I nak jgk chat dgn you. I rindu u keras hati dgn I. Garang garang dgn i. Haha. It was a great thing to remember and I still have ur picture. Everyday I look at it. It always creates a smile on my face :") I love youu kak. I miss you mcm gile :(

Both of them are just amazing the way they are ♥

I can be very sensitive.

I may look tough on the outside but not many people know that I'm weak on the outside. I cry often. Tak sah kalau tak nangis dalam seminggu tu. Hm :( I can be easily get hurt but I don't show. I don't easily get hurt by the girlfriend. Ofc not. I think you already know who. My awesomest boyfriend -.- Bese lah. Dah name boyfriend. Memang that's the person who will hurt you the most. Blah blah blah. I'm sad :( Haha.

Hm today was a bit disappointing. I just stayed all day in my room onlining which I know is freaking bad and boring while my parents went to carboot sale. That's not the sad part though. The sad part directly goes to the winner of all time which is my lovely boyfriend. He didn't treat me much today. Busy sgt tgk movie dye tuh. hm. Pastu dah habis tak tego. n then bile i off n then on balik baru nak tego. Then layan pun mcm simple. My meaning of simple is boring -.- This is why I sometimes dislike saying hi to him. It depends lah kan. Some moments are fun and some are seriously over the bottom of boring.

I'm not happy. I don't feel happy. I hate tonight. It's rubbish.

I LOIKE THIS! ♥ even though it's old :)

Yeay, today I dapat chat sekejap dgn my baby. Hihi I'm over the moon! ♥ I love you sayangggg. Sangat sangat :)

Friday, 29 October 2010

(click it)

P/s : Thanks to my baby izah. hihi <3

My awesome day,

So imma tell you what happened today. So today was a bit messed up. Huru hara jgk dibuatnye. Me erma masri ermy and izah had planned to go bowling the other day. So we thought of going today since erma had booked the tickets. But then Izah said she couldn't be bothered. So I pujuk pujuk dye mcm gile and yeay she decided to came along. But then Siti suddenly asked me if I wanted to go to the movies with her. aww i badly wanted to come but then I was going to the bowling alley. So I said her next time lah kite pegi. Skali erma texted me saying there was some problem going on with her booking. Dorang kata takde -.- Blahblahblah erma selesai kan n then after that she said it's been settled but they will go and play around 4. So i was like "ahhh that's late". So I pon cakap taknak pegi.

Then izah pon tak pegi n dye ajak me pegi tgk wayang dkt staples corner and teman dye pegi amik something. At first I refuse to go. BADLY. I macam malas gileeee but then she pujuk pujuk me. At last, I agreed to come. I ajak lah siti and erma to come. They couldn't follow along because siti was already in Brent Cross with Aqilah and she had to go back home around 2 -.- Erma pulak around 3 dah kene pegi bowling. So i was like, fine nvm. Then after dah siap siap, I went to Hendon Central Station to meet Izah. then... Haa ni part aku geram skit. Haha. Izah asked me to wait for a little while because she had like sort of a meeting in kfc -___- haha business lah kononnye kan. So I waited but then I waited for ages. ada sampai one hour kot. Then i texted izah said I'm going home sbb lame sgt n she said sorry. she didn't thought that the meeting would've gone that long.

So then I texted Erma asking if I could come along with her instead and she said yes. So around 3.20, uncle hassan, my dad's driver picked me up. Then we arrived around 3.50. amik aunty zainah sume and went to the bowling alley in queensway. Dah sampai, we called masri and his friend. Then izah called, tanye where am I at. Then jumpe izah, after that we booked the tickets. Izah didn't want to play. So it was just the others who was playing. Malas nak listkan. Main main main main main.. the day end. The bowling alley was kinda shit. Licin bagai baru mop dgn Dettol -___- So everyone played like shit. I got the second last kot? and ezzad beat me. Dye muda dari aku kot. wth. Hahahhaha I was so rubbish x)

We ended playing around 7 kot. Kinda late. Pastuu pegi makan dkt MSD and then around 8.30 mcm tu, my dad picked us up. There was like 7 of us including me. Bayangkan belakang sume kene bangku bangku and I was comfortably sitting infront. ahhhhhh nikmat! Hahhaha x)

Anyways, enough talking and let's see the pictures. Oh btw, I forgot that brought my camera time bowling, so I didn't capture any pictures dkt situ -___- I only took when we eated at MSD. Nevermind. At least ade memories :")

( saje edit this one sbb I think it's a pretty picture ahah)

znz ♥

Thursday, 28 October 2010


When your online, I don't feel like talking or chatting with you. Idk why. but then when your offline, I feel sad and regrets. I'm such a weird girlfriend. I miss you but i don't want to chat with you and when your offline, I'm undeniably sad. I feel like being offline and just cry. Heh -.-

hm please go back to online, A :S

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

"..and you know you'll always have my heart" ♥

My current new found song favourite. :D
I'm currently inlove with Jason Reeves ♥
His songs is nice to hear ;)

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

I already found my superman,
and he is amazing. I love him eternally! ♥ ♥ ♥

Monday, 25 October 2010


Yes, my day was awfully not amazing. It was a bit boring. Just a typical boring day that I go through all my life. Hm. Today I sort of woke up around 9 and then from 11 until 3, I was on my laptop and watching tv. plus sort of doing my coursework. Oh! Did I tell you that I got an A for my english coursework. I'm so proud of myself. I still remember how shit I was when I first came to Hendon School. I was rubbish in all subjects but now, everything's going lovely and smooth. I got absolute amazing friends and I'm starting to improve. Like I said to Amal, I'm inlove with books! and education ofc. Hahaha being a nerd is amazingly awesome because I actually study. I'm aiming myself to get into MMU. I want it badly ! :o It's my first choice and the second is probably UPM. I hope I will achieve the best result I could get and make my parents proud. I owe them everything. They've gone through hard times to get me be the person I am now but obviously, they had hope more. So from now on, I shall get my head straight and be more serious.

Yeah yeah yeah... typical target talkings. Oh well :) Let's pray I could get the best out of me and achieve the bestest :)

The other half,

It's currently 2.12 in the morning,

I don't feel like sleeping eventhough I'm awfully tired and sleepy. I feel like crying and I ain't lying. I was onlining facebook this whole time and found some amazing things that I've missed. For example, Dyana's bestfriend album. Omg. That was created ages ago and I just realised it exists. How sad is that? And when I looked at it, I'm touched and I actually cried a bit and crying a lot in my heart.

I miss Malaysia so freaking bad and the life I had there. But officially the most that I miss is them. Okay I do sound pathetic but hey wth. I ain't gonna lie in my blog and write some nonsense lying stories. Bullshits. Hm.

I feel left out. I can't wait to go back. I can't wait to have my Malaysia life back again. I can't wait to have an awesome memories with them. I can't wait to have a laugh with them. Basically everything including them. hmm :(

Friday, 22 October 2010

1. Lips or eyes: Eyes. Without eyes, I won't have seen what God give to the hot boys. Six pack x)
2. Hugs or kisses: Hugs. I feel more secure and safe and it feels so nice hugging someone.
3. Shorter or taller: Err none. I want average height.
4. Older or Younger: Older because I have freeeeeeeedoooooooom :D
5. Romantic or spontaneous: Spontaneous.
6. Nice stomach or nice arms: Duh, it's an official. Nice stomach.
7. Sensitive or loud: Loud.
8. Hook-up or relationship: Reeelaaa......hook-up XD nah, relationship :D

9. Dropped your favorite hobby: oui?
10. Kissed a stranger: no no no no. My lips are still pure x)
11. Drank hard liquor: Nope. Orange juice jeeee :)
12. Lost glasses/contacts: No.
13. Sex on first date: Yeah bebeh. Wild and amazing XD *euw*
14. Broken someone’s heart: oui?
15. Gave in to peer pressure: hmm yeah?
16. Been arrested: hell no.
17. Turned someone down: probably yes.
18. Cried when someone died: Of course. It's not a fairytale is it now? -.- HAHA.
19. Fallen for a friend: Ofc. Many many many friend maaa :P

20. Yourself: YES YES :)
21. The forces of Good and Evil: YES.
22. Love at first sight: Ouiiiii! maybe. I think so.
23. Heaven: YES.
24. Santa Claus: Hell no. He's just a imaginary fat red guy.
25. Kiss on the first date: Sadly no :(
26. Angels: Kalau malaikat, yes :)

27. Ever imagined the impossible? Haha you asked the right question. I'm a day dreamer. duh mestilah hihi.
28. Ever had more than one girlfriend/boyfriend at a time: No. I'm no PLAYER.
30. Did you sing today?: lol yeah. During X factor in the living room infront of my mom. "Lady Gaga-Telephone"
31. Have you ever cheated on somebody?: Hm not sure. I don't think so.
32. If you could go back in time, how far would you go?: When I was a innocent child, I would want to go back but not anymore :)
33. The moment you would choose to relive? 31.7.2010
34. Are you afraid of falling in love? Not really.
35. What do you want to tell the person you like? Your eye catching. Everyday you make my day one of the perfect days :)

I was bored. So I got this.. erm I forgot now. Wherever in the internet :D

Saya iri hati,

The other day in RE :

The girl : *she raise her hand* Miss! I don't have my book. can I have some paper please?
The boy : No you don't need papers. You can write in my book :)

And the boy close his face to the girl and they started to flirt. Awww I don't know if you find this sweet but I do! My opinion, they are the sweetest couple in my school. Everytime in RE, I mesti jealous. Mesti. Tak sah kalau tak. Yelah, I sat behind them and every lesson I see them flirting and being all sweet. Dang it. I want my boyfriend. Jeles lah sial :( Hahaha.

Baby, you're a firework ♥

Nail polish,

YEAYYY. My hair is beginning to grow longer :D like in the picture. I'm lovin em! But I still need to do a fringe. Rimas betul rambut depan nih. Rimas!

hoho. Nyways, from now on I'm making my blog private. I think this is awesome because I can now post whatever I want. I know basically I'm just talking to myself but at least, I have memories..... of me! So when I grow older, I can look back at this blog and read about... me! Wahahaha XD that just sounded gay. lol lol. Kay enough.

So new gossip. Lets talk girls. Ohemgeee, I'm inlike ♥ I love love love this one boy in my school. He's a sixth form. I love his hair and I like his face. He seems asian. Almost everyday, I see him in school. He just eye catching :") So this one day, I heard someone shout his name from far away, so technically from what I heard his name is Benayo? lol lol cute :P But then at this one time, Rebecca was trying to say his name to me but instead she said Banana. lmao. So since then I've been calling him banana. Awwwww I love banana. Banana is so yummy! ♥ lol lol.

Oooooh ooooh! I got more girl gossips. Yesterday I think, yeah yesterday. At lunch, when RMRM just passed the front gate of school, Mayran pinch me and ask me to look infront and guess what I saw. Banana hugging some random girlS :( I was like "no :((((". I stopped directly and I did sort of a sad face and lol Banana looked at me and saw the face and I directly continue walking. Hahahah. He was so cute. Hihi. But then the rest of the day, I was sort dissapointed. Lol :(

But the awesomest thing is everytime I look at him, he sometimes look back. Awwwww :P Hahahaha told ya I'm inlike

Anyways, RMRM represents Rebecca, Mayran, Rose and me. Not to copy you amal but it's just too long to write their names. So I'm no copycat, kay? Just saying :)

Love yah ♥

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

To a boyfriend :)

Have I told you lately how much I think about you
The way you laugh, the way you love, the way I feel around you
The stars would fall for you
And I would die for you

Have I told you lately how much I dream about you
The way your eyes dance in the sun, the way the heavens wrap around you
And I would walk the world to prove that I am yours

‘Cause you’re my angel, you’re my king
And I will give you everything
I’m crazy, I’m crazy
I’ve been around the world to see that you’re the only boy for me
I’m crazy, for you I’m crazy

Have I told you lately how much you mean to me
Every word from your mouth is like a drop of honey
The stars would fall for you
And I would die for you

I can barely breathe when I’m without you
I honestly believe I might die without you
You’re the rhythm that my heart beats t
And I’ll do anything because I love you

I just found this song and ohemgee, I'm inlove with it. Since the song is from a boy to a girl i'm doing it vice versa. The part that highlighted is the one I changed. So tadaaaa, for you my sexiest boyfriend :P The lyrics is exactly what I would want to say to you and I mean it. hihi. I love you :")

I sometimes just hate you, ..........
You are just an annoying friend who I don't even know why am I close friends with you. Yeah fine, she can be my friends but why close? Not being rude but she is just not the type of the friend I get along. She can be a bitch but sometimes I do feel grateful having her.

Everything can't always turn out or be they way you wanted, right?
I hate but I love her. Typical friendship :)

But I do sometimes feel like slapping her so HARD! -.-
She makes me feel.. hm can't describe.
just basically mcm rendah diri. Perasaan malu. Yeah like that :)


I feel extremely dizzy :S It's been like half of the day. I told my mom and dad and obviously they said I need to eat rice. They are a must not a choice. Then they went all carbohydrate talks and I just said "Alaaaaa how come syafie ( which is my my cousin btw) can do this!" My cousin, this one is extremely unbelievable. He didn't ate rice for like months and woah, from a fat tree to a traffic light :o Yeah, go on. Imagine it. Doesn't that is just undeniably awesome? Why can't I be like him? :( Hm.

Should I or shouldn't I eat rice tomorrow? Damn it. Don't know. Why am I not getting skinnier like Iman or Amal. Even though I do sit ups for around 50 each day and half an hour cross trainer. It's been two weeks now :/ HAHA duh, i'm stupid. Everything can't just like vuala! change in two weeks. So dumb -.- Haihhh. Let's just hope by December, the world shall have another traffic light which is me. HAR-HAR :P

Monday, 18 October 2010

NUR AMALINA AZMI is just amazing at songs. she is superb I tell you -.- Hahahah.

*currently listening to her blog playlist. Such an undeniably amazing playlist :)

Amal, you can now be terharu :P


Loves to chat. Loves those who love them. Loves to takes things at the centre. Inner and physical beauty. Lies but doesn’t pretend. Gets angry often. Treats friends importantly. Brave and fearless. Always making friends. Easily hurt but recovers easily. Daydreamer. Opinionated. Does not care to control emotions. Unpredictable.
Extremely smart, but definitely the hottest AND sexiest of them MFE.

Got it from Amal's blog.

I was born in January so technically above is what they say about January people. Sort of true sort of not? The one that I strongly agree is the 'gets angry often'. My friends probably won't see me go angry all the time.But that's because I love them so I tak sanggup nak marah marah nih. (ceycey) but families, they see my true colours. Their the one who know me the most. Inside and outside. I love them to death so disebabkan itu lah they always see me bad mood. Doesn't even make sense. I know. Basically, my family is the only one who truly sees who I really am because I got nothing to hide. They are the space that fill up my life :) <3

"Your eyes are blue like the ocean
And baby I'm lost out at sea
Did the sun just come out or did you smile at me"

This song is cute! I'm lovin it and yupp, it's an old song. You probably have heard them :)
I'm such an ungrateful child.

Lack of ideas,

I'm out of words for this blog. Out of story -.- This is exactly why I like to put my blog private. So no one can read my shitty life.

Haih, harini mood dari gembira tuka marah. tukar silence, speechless. Everyday it's the same. Kalau tak buat muka or malas lyn org mmg tak kesah. Asyik nak merah jelahai I ni. Aku benciiii. Haish. Every night menyesal. Tapi mase marah tak pulak. Pelik pelik je mood -.-
Sometimes I do think I've been given lack of attention by........
which is not true.
but still, I believe.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

He's married to the game, like a fuck you for christmas
His gift is a curse, forget the earth he's got the urge
To pull his dick from the dirt and fuck the universe

I'm loving the song dude! :D Hahahah saje nak amik part nih sbb ada the F word XD I love that word.Hahahaha gile. Here, in my school it's like favourite word -.- I pun kadang kadang terikut. HAHA :P the funny part, when I swear because I'm pissed off, my friends say "haha woah, zety swored!" HAHAHAHAH yelah, drng ingt kan saya ni angel tak main ayat tu. Main okay main! :P

Btw, I do not like the F word. Sgt sgt joking :)
Hahahah Chandler's the best <3

30 Day Challenge,

I just finished doing my half an hour cross trainer and some sits up. Tengah tengah buat cross trainer, my dad came home. He said "wa betul betul nak kurus ke?" and I answered "yes". I really need to lose this ugly fats in body. Both of my sisters managed to look so slim and good. They manage to lose weight and I don't :/ So technically, I feel left out. lol.

To keep up with this, I've made a 30 days challenge activity. So everyday, I shall need to do 30 minutes of cross trainers, 50 time sit ups, avoid rice, avoid junk foods and walk home from school instead of taking the bus. Hahaha let's hope I could do it.

I've started to do cross trainer since the past two weeks and omg, I'm so proud because I've avoid rice for two weeks! PROUDYYYYYYY :p Sadly, I miss my mom's dishes so much. Pagi tadi, dye masak nasi goreng cili api. Damnnn that was one of my favourite :( *big sigh* Takpe, nanti I've lose these fats I shall eat some of it!

Gtg. Azan zohor sudah memanggil :P
It's currently pass 12, so it's a new day. Let's talk about yesterday.

The only thing that was fun yesterday was skyping with Iman. Lame gile sumpah tak dgr suara or even see her face. Kire lepas rindu la kan. Hahahha. Nyways, it was nice. We talked for like 2 hours? DAMN. that's long and amazing. haha. I was sort of being mean to her because I tooked so many of picture of her on purpose when she's doing something hideous. Well not hideous though. She was still pretty :) CEY CEY. But then she couldn't get back to me because her skype or she doesn't know to capture my picture. *evil laugh*

Time skyping, I asked iman if she could call A and she did and put it on speaker. He didn't know I could hear him cause of I told iman not to tell. DAYM. I miss your voice syg :( I feel like shouting the three words je mse tu. Haha. I wanna see you. I wanna go on another date with you. I wanna hug you. I wanna see your face. There's so many things I want to do with you right now. It's because sumpah I rindu you :'( Cecey melebih lebih pulak. Lagi 18 days weh. I'm over excited. hahahah :P

Gosh, I feel like sleeping :o but I'm not even sleepy. Naahh, budak baik kene tido awal O:) Night who ever reads my blog. Haha.
Hahahahahhaha xD

OMG, this look incredibly fun! I WANNA DO THISSSSSSS! BOING BOING ! XD

I ofc do not own this :)
"That is why every rose has it's thorn"

I'm loving this song by Miley Cryus.
Credit to Iman :]

Ignore my horrible picture edit,

I ingt lagi when amal was reading this magazine and showed to me this one thing where it says "someone who truly love you, wouldn't change anything about you. even what you wear" Yeah, pretty much it was like that. I have bad memory. Excuse my brain.

Nyways, it's not truly true. I'm glad he changed me. He commented how I looked and he said that he doesn't like me wearing fancy stuff. From that day, I wore simple things. You can ask my mom for proof. I've not touched my clincher since I came back to London and fancy clothes. Well, the ones that are too serabut. That's what I mean.

Basically, I'm thankful to him. Thanks for saying the truth or I shall not even change.

Okay u can laugh now. My english is hideous and unbelievable. Shame me -__-

Saturday, 16 October 2010

I shall be make me proud,

Yeahhh, it's been kinda long sejak I blog. I'm becoming a nerd these days and I'm very proud of it :)

I need to ace my exams. All of them. I reapeat. All of them. I actually feel great when I study. It makes me clever eventhough I will never be one. like some people. Nyways, somewhere around last week, I had a mini exam for English, French and Geography. I'm sort of near happy because I've improve. I got ;

English essay : C ( I didn't got to finish the essay, I'm always bad at time management)
Geography : A
French : D ( I've always known this subject need extra studies. Damn -.- )

And plus, I just got back my english coursework and I'm very proud to say I got an A. See how much I've improved? My parents were even happy for me :") I hope this kerajinan will not stop. I just need to work harder.

Yeah :)

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Ahhhhh long time no update. But it doesn't make me miss my blog. Nowhere near it. Haha. Blog is just another distraction for my exams. so yeah.

Anyway, lately i've been loosing my mood. I kept having mood swings. It all begins from this very point which I'm not really gonna tell you unless you asked me ;) So yeah, I've not smile for a few days. well I did but not much. Some of them are just fake smiles. Hm. So technically, I'm pissed off. VERY VERY PISSED OFF!

Okay i'm done. I hate talking about it plus i'm in a rush. I need to do my CW. I have to prepare them for tomorrow. Oh and I got news, I'm over NE. totally over him. In fact, I HATE HIM SO MUCH. end of story. but doesn't mean I don't have a new crush? I DO. hihi. He's somewhere in sixth form. His is cute! and probably asian. He looks like it. My crushes never ends.

Which I absolutely like it :B It makes me inlove. Hahaha bullshit. Dah dah, i'm off. Homeworks.

oh last thing, I've been wanting to say this to "you" :


Monday, 4 October 2010

I just realised that I have the same t-shirt that Lily is wearing in the picture. COOL !

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Every 4th,

One more month and we'll be one year couple baby.
Ily till death do us apart syg. Thanks for for being in my life. You make everything better and sorry for not being there whenever you need me. Whenever you are bored, I'm not there to entertain you. Whenever your lonely, I'm not there to be by your side. Whenever your sad, I'm not there to create a smile on your face. But I love you and I hope that's what only counts :)

Happy 11 monthsary my super sexy boyfriend <33

P/s : I'm following Malaysia's time. Not london.

Oh and this morning around 2.45 a.m, I got a text from my super hot boyfriend :")

As always it was another melting text that I happen to smile when I read it. Eventhough time tu tgh tido n tibe2 text masuk. Mata pon sepet. Haha so you probably can imagine how stupid I look when I got that text. Smiling with mata sepet. lmao but it is just amazing how he would text me. It cost like a lot and I really appreciate it and that is why I'm insanely in love with you.

Hahaha <3

Saturday, 2 October 2010

I was bored so I decided to play with photoshop and I ended up editing my picture. lol. The result is the picture above. It's a bit shit. I'm not really use to photoshop. So yeah, I'm beginner. A late late late beginner.

Anywys, it's been a hour since I got back from Aunty Hasmah's house. She, well Dinamik group made some kind of an open house. A small one. I went to her house around 3.30pm. My dad drop me off and went to pick up my mom at Westfield -_- She was bringing her friend that came from Algeria but actually is from Malaysia a fun trip to Westfield which I couldn't follow. I had to go to Aunty Hasmah's house as told by my mom. Hm. Oh well, I did care for a bit at the beginning but then I just said, Aunty Hasmah's house is awesomer. Yeah, aunty rock. Mesti lah kannnn :D

There was variety of food there. Pulut kuning ade, rendang daging ada which my mom cooked, mee curry, bihun goreng, rojak buah, barbeque corn, lamb and yeahyeahyeah. More of them. I'm just lazy to list them all. To conclude, everything was delicious. Free food. Duhh!

So then around 9 we head home. I know, it was a longgggg day and i'm exhausted -.- I feel like sleeping just now but laptop is just addicting. I just realise how everything we do on earth, is pretty much similar to drug. lol. Everything is just addicting :D So that was pretty much my day. It was kinda fun but tiring. Was delicious but sad because my weight went up to.... something which I'm obviously not gonna tell you. I'm ashamed people -__- lol.

And now i'm gonna stop. See ya later dudes ;)

Flip flop dah putus. Damn it.
This is exactly why you have to have loads of shoes so you can wear it ikut turn.
Aaaaaaaaaaaah :/

To all the PMR candidates especially buah hati saya sume, I wish you the best for your PMR :) Now, there's nothing you can do than just believe in yourself that you can do it. Just hope for the best. Insya'allah you guys can do it punye lah. Smksi's student kan pandai pandai belaka :) Anyways, don't get too worried. Like my teacher said, "It's not the end of the world". You always have a chance to get better.

Just believe in yourself, GOOD LUCK DUDEEEEEEE <3

Everytime someone tanye,

Especially the parent's friend that came from malaysia ask : Form bape ni?

One and only answer : Oh kalo kat malaysia suppose to be form 3 but kat sni dah form 5 dah.

MAK AIHHHH, BANGGA SIAL. Hahahaha tak ke poyo tu? Who cares :P

Friday, 1 October 2010

I finally got my laptop repaired !
I'm so freaking happy :B Thank youuuuu uncle Teague's friend! lol :P

The video is a bit LOL but I'm loving the song <3