Friday, 29 October 2010

My awesome day,

So imma tell you what happened today. So today was a bit messed up. Huru hara jgk dibuatnye. Me erma masri ermy and izah had planned to go bowling the other day. So we thought of going today since erma had booked the tickets. But then Izah said she couldn't be bothered. So I pujuk pujuk dye mcm gile and yeay she decided to came along. But then Siti suddenly asked me if I wanted to go to the movies with her. aww i badly wanted to come but then I was going to the bowling alley. So I said her next time lah kite pegi. Skali erma texted me saying there was some problem going on with her booking. Dorang kata takde -.- Blahblahblah erma selesai kan n then after that she said it's been settled but they will go and play around 4. So i was like "ahhh that's late". So I pon cakap taknak pegi.

Then izah pon tak pegi n dye ajak me pegi tgk wayang dkt staples corner and teman dye pegi amik something. At first I refuse to go. BADLY. I macam malas gileeee but then she pujuk pujuk me. At last, I agreed to come. I ajak lah siti and erma to come. They couldn't follow along because siti was already in Brent Cross with Aqilah and she had to go back home around 2 -.- Erma pulak around 3 dah kene pegi bowling. So i was like, fine nvm. Then after dah siap siap, I went to Hendon Central Station to meet Izah. then... Haa ni part aku geram skit. Haha. Izah asked me to wait for a little while because she had like sort of a meeting in kfc -___- haha business lah kononnye kan. So I waited but then I waited for ages. ada sampai one hour kot. Then i texted izah said I'm going home sbb lame sgt n she said sorry. she didn't thought that the meeting would've gone that long.

So then I texted Erma asking if I could come along with her instead and she said yes. So around 3.20, uncle hassan, my dad's driver picked me up. Then we arrived around 3.50. amik aunty zainah sume and went to the bowling alley in queensway. Dah sampai, we called masri and his friend. Then izah called, tanye where am I at. Then jumpe izah, after that we booked the tickets. Izah didn't want to play. So it was just the others who was playing. Malas nak listkan. Main main main main main.. the day end. The bowling alley was kinda shit. Licin bagai baru mop dgn Dettol -___- So everyone played like shit. I got the second last kot? and ezzad beat me. Dye muda dari aku kot. wth. Hahahhaha I was so rubbish x)

We ended playing around 7 kot. Kinda late. Pastuu pegi makan dkt MSD and then around 8.30 mcm tu, my dad picked us up. There was like 7 of us including me. Bayangkan belakang sume kene bangku bangku and I was comfortably sitting infront. ahhhhhh nikmat! Hahhaha x)

Anyways, enough talking and let's see the pictures. Oh btw, I forgot that brought my camera time bowling, so I didn't capture any pictures dkt situ -___- I only took when we eated at MSD. Nevermind. At least ade memories :")

( saje edit this one sbb I think it's a pretty picture ahah)

znz ♥

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