Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Tiring Night.

Saya nak buat homework tapi mengantuk mcm org tak tidur sebulan.
Macam mane ni? :(

*Tu dyeeeee. Mengadu mmg number satu. Haha.

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Rumah kerja,

Haih ape aku ni. Tadi bukan main semangat cakap dgn ibu bapa nak buat homework tapi ape ni? Blog jugak yg dibuka =.=' Memang nak kata addicted tu tak lah sangat. Sikit lah kot. Tapi niat nak buat homework tu mmg ada yg teramat. Memang kene buat jugak. Mane tak nye, skolh nak bukak dah. Homework berlambak. Conform kene marah dgn cikgu tak pepasal. *sigh*

Masa ni lah teringin aku nak jadi org jahat. Jadi pembuli. Ade kuli yg tolong buat kan homework. Ala ala dlm movie lah kan? Haha. Berangan memang tak sah kalau tak dongeng. Tapi bayangkan kalau aku ada kuli. Memang ada harapan jugak lah kan tak kene marah dgn cikgu tu. Wahhh mesti best kan? Bahagia hidup aku. Everyday is a non-homework day. Haha. Memang lenggang kaki aku la kan XD

Dah dah merapu sudah. So rasa rasa mungkin ada la jugak kot nak buat homework selepas ni. Skit pun jadi la kan? Asal kan ada effort. Tu pun cukup la kan? hihi :>

Have a safe journey,

Tak gune meraung dah. Tak gune nak menangis. Tak gune nak melalak. Sume nye tak gune.

..sebab dah berlaku. Sedih tu sedih tp nak buat mcm mane. Setiap pertemuan ada perpisahan kan? Maka today lah harinye bile kakak yg ketiga pegi meninggalkan adiknye dan kedua ibu bapa nye di London. Hm. Tadi terkejut jugak dkt airport, tak menangis. Mungkin sebab dah menangis semalam sblm tidur :) Tapi tears doesn't really show the mournful feeling in your heart. It can never beat it. Dah dah merapu sudah.

Tapi kalau boleh, nak je stop masa. Taknak kakak balik sbb tahun ni lah yg paling aku perlukan kedua dua kakak yg dah dekat university. Dorang dah experience sume ni. Spm. Yeah tahun depan dah kene duduk menjawab peperiksaan itu yg lebih dikenali sebagai GCSE. Boleh ke aku nak jawab? Boleh ke get through this year? Perasaan takut tu mmg ada gile la kan. The main feeling kot. Hm dah la aku punye cara study mcm "$"!$!%. Nak betulkan, taktau tapi usaha tu ada la kan. Mesti ada. kalau takde mmg tak kemane la kan :)

So harini boleh dikirakan hari yang aku tak suka. Hanya tak suka. Tak benci. Takpe, insya'allah dgn pertolongan Allah sumenye berjalan dgn lancar. Mane tau insya'allah aku boleh dpt lah jugak capai beberapa A kan? Sume possible. Takde yg tak impossible. Hanya kene usaha dan pasrah :)

*ewahhh. harini suddenly pulak nak berbahasa melayu.
poyos habis :p

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Stab my heart,


I am definitely not in the mood. Great (Y)

Sunday, 12 December 2010

I want a boyfriend who can stay sweet while he's acting cool ♥ ♥ ♥

These video always makes me cry. Every time :*<

Two separate path,

Ya Allah, mne dye?

I miss him. I went to search for him everywhere but still, it was just another typical fake hope. I've been searching for him since the day I lost him. & still I am. but I don't know if this should be the end and I should forget about him? or should I just put a little tiny hope in myself in order to give me a thought that he is not fake and I will one day find him. I don't know why he is still playing in my mind. I kept pressing the replay button and never the stop button. It's going in my head everyday of my life. Why did I ever let go of him? It was my insecure heart that lead me to a rejection. Hm. I shouldn't be regretting this because I had someone else when I falled inlove with him & forever, he will be in my mind just like a replay button. I don't care if I don't know him that well. I don't know if he was sincere when he wanted to give me his heart. All the kindness. All the sweet saying. Hopefully it was true. *sigh*

I would do anything to get a second chance.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Beauty wardrobe,

Much much much much much love!! ♥

It's breathtaking man :o

Yes, I'm imperfect, but I'm perfectly me ♥ ♥

Pure heart,

Time in time, I thought through it all
How we loved and loved
And how we fought each other

Pushing one another
To be somebody else

And time in time, the rest of my thoughts
I certain if the end was right or wrong
And weather, we still should be together
But with somebody else

A lost memory
She had water in her eyes
She cried, stay with me
And asked how can this be loved
If you are leaving me
But darling love's to blame

And I can't see you right now
'Cause I just can't fake it
Can't be near you right now
'Cause I know you're no longer mine
I can't see you

It makes me ache that we had to break
Even though I knew your heart so well
We're strangers in different places
Though we're livin' a mile apart

My best friend's gone, my world is being torn
We'll never share a name never be one
But I will always remember the years we spent to love
I still think of you
I pray that you were safe
I'm still missing you

But it has to be this way 'cause
I'm not right for you
And that's why love's to blame

And I can't see you right now
'Cause I just can't fake it
Can't be near you right now
'Cause I know you're no longer mine
I can't see you right know
'Cause I just can't take it
Can't be near you rigth now
Cause I know you're no longer mine

And I can't see you
No, I can't see you
I just can't see you, right now

But maybe time will heal our hearts
And maybe after time, you'll understand
I say goodbye but I love you

And I can't see you right now
'Cause I just can't fake it
Can't be near you right now
'Cause I know you're no longer mine

And I can't see you right know
'Cause my heart just can't take it
Can't be near you right now
'Cause I know you're no longer mine

And I can't see you
No, I can't see you
I just can't see you right now

And I can't see you
No I can't see you
I just can't see you, right know

And love's to blame

Friday, 10 December 2010

Randomness in the kitchen,

Much much much love! ♥

So today I had an english exam in the morning and a graphics in the afternoon. English exam was okay but I didn't finish writing for this one question. It's always the same particular question. Every time. Must be the poetry section. Kalau tak, mmg tak sah. I'm such a loser when it comes to time management. I always get out of time writing stuffs down. This is why I get low grades -..- well not really, it's also because of my shitty essay. I'm bad bad bad bad at those. That is why i easily get jealous of those who are amazingly talent when speaking english. lol.

Nyways, today since me and mayran had a gap hour between our english exam and graphic's. We decided to go Rose's house. Damn, her mother is amazingly kind! She offered us everything and kept saying if we're hungry just get anything that you can find. Haha awesome ♥ her mom that time was a bit busy packing her stuff. She's going to France for work. amazing right? Oh & rose's family were sort of english mixing with France. So today I got to heard them speak french. Awesomee. I only understand a bit but it was still awesome! hihi.

So conclusion, today was kinda fun cutting out the fact that I did my exam. That was shit. hahaha. Hopefully, i'll get good grades. Please please please! Aminnnn hihi :) ♥ ♥

Thursday, 9 December 2010

dirty ass,

hahahahah people can act very stupid sometimes. "baby, call me k, blablabla. i'm horny"


It keeps getting better,

*click to enlarge*

See anything new? jeng jeng jeng.... :P

Wednesday, 8 December 2010


If I ain't back till midnight, you'll probably know where to look ♥

hihihi how I wish this would come true! Every night would be a miracle. We would meet and hug and kiss and hangout and count the stars together ♥ ♥ ♥ Auwhhh :')

After this whoever will love me and be my boyfriend, I'm warning you now. Never say you will love me forever. Or you will get what is says above :)

I just don't believe in 'forever' anymore. unless will be marrying that perfect guy ♥



Yes. Yes. I did and I'm extremely upset and disappointed with myself. This is such a piss stake! How can I not answer so many questions? I used to be so good in math but now, it's all like messed up. Please please I don't wanna fail this.

Can I do it all over again?

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Sleep tight.

My new lesson : 'Do not exalt human love"

or pretty much like that. It's very useful. My sister gave this one video to me and it has like all the moral lessons about love. It's awesome. One by one, it's like a lightning strike on my face. I love it! Haha. I've just used the above lesson towards my sister just now and it feels awesome! hihi.

Nyway, imma go to sleep now. I have exam tomorrow. Tomorrow's paper is going to be on maths calculator, religious studies and geography. Wish me the best of luck bloggers.

BL, bye ♥ ♥

I'm so jealous of people who can speak English fluently. How do you guys do it? It's just incredible. Pitty me. I'm rubbish :(

Well sadly, this never happens to me. Every time I had my eyes on you, you never notices me. I'm vulnerable. No matter how many times I get butterflies in my stomach, angels on my head, lovestruck on you, it all will stays the same. How can I make you mine? IT'S IMPOSSIBLE.

God, why did you have to be so gorgeous? ;;) hihi lol.


Hahahahah girls can sometime overreact. Don't you? ♥

There's a difference. Hope will not break your heart. Expectation does.

Sexy humans,

My new current favourite random singer ♥
That I LOVE :)

So anyways, it's been kinda long since I last blog about my break up. But now i'm ready for a new world. Yes, I've moved on (Y)

Well, that's not really the reason for me not blogging. I'm currently having my mock exam right now. So yeah that probably explains everything. So today was my second day for the exam & I gotta tell you, it was hard :S I already feel like a failure now. Damn, hopefully I'm NOT gonna get a D or an E. C's for me is good enough because it's a pass. hihi but still, not proud of it thought but who cares. I don't :D

I think I need to get back to my awesome books. BL, bloggers ♥