Monday, 25 October 2010


Yes, my day was awfully not amazing. It was a bit boring. Just a typical boring day that I go through all my life. Hm. Today I sort of woke up around 9 and then from 11 until 3, I was on my laptop and watching tv. plus sort of doing my coursework. Oh! Did I tell you that I got an A for my english coursework. I'm so proud of myself. I still remember how shit I was when I first came to Hendon School. I was rubbish in all subjects but now, everything's going lovely and smooth. I got absolute amazing friends and I'm starting to improve. Like I said to Amal, I'm inlove with books! and education ofc. Hahaha being a nerd is amazingly awesome because I actually study. I'm aiming myself to get into MMU. I want it badly ! :o It's my first choice and the second is probably UPM. I hope I will achieve the best result I could get and make my parents proud. I owe them everything. They've gone through hard times to get me be the person I am now but obviously, they had hope more. So from now on, I shall get my head straight and be more serious.

Yeah yeah yeah... typical target talkings. Oh well :) Let's pray I could get the best out of me and achieve the bestest :)

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