Sunday, 17 October 2010

30 Day Challenge,

I just finished doing my half an hour cross trainer and some sits up. Tengah tengah buat cross trainer, my dad came home. He said "wa betul betul nak kurus ke?" and I answered "yes". I really need to lose this ugly fats in body. Both of my sisters managed to look so slim and good. They manage to lose weight and I don't :/ So technically, I feel left out. lol.

To keep up with this, I've made a 30 days challenge activity. So everyday, I shall need to do 30 minutes of cross trainers, 50 time sit ups, avoid rice, avoid junk foods and walk home from school instead of taking the bus. Hahaha let's hope I could do it.

I've started to do cross trainer since the past two weeks and omg, I'm so proud because I've avoid rice for two weeks! PROUDYYYYYYY :p Sadly, I miss my mom's dishes so much. Pagi tadi, dye masak nasi goreng cili api. Damnnn that was one of my favourite :( *big sigh* Takpe, nanti I've lose these fats I shall eat some of it!

Gtg. Azan zohor sudah memanggil :P

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