Saturday, 30 October 2010


I miss this kakak kakaks. BADLY. I want their hug, I wanna hear their laughs. I wanna see they smile and badly, I want their reaction when they first saw me :") I miss it so much because I didn't thought they would react like that when we first met time carnival. Hm dah jarang dah chat dgn drng nih. It's been a big disappointment to me.

Today I dapat chat dgn kak nyna sekejap. YEAY ♥ It was amazingg walaupon dpt chat skjp je n in that short time, she was amazing. She was there when I was crying. I asked her if she could hear I nak mengadu and she said ofcourse. Everything went better and I stopped crying because she calmed me down. Nasihat nasihat sume, I was back to okay. So a big thankful to her la kan. She was, is and will always be an amazing pet sister. Ain't nobody will replace her :")

n kak rabbbbb, I miss you like hell! mane you? I nak jgk chat dgn you. I rindu u keras hati dgn I. Garang garang dgn i. Haha. It was a great thing to remember and I still have ur picture. Everyday I look at it. It always creates a smile on my face :") I love youu kak. I miss you mcm gile :(

Both of them are just amazing the way they are ♥

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