Tuesday, 19 October 2010


I feel extremely dizzy :S It's been like half of the day. I told my mom and dad and obviously they said I need to eat rice. They are a must not a choice. Then they went all carbohydrate talks and I just said "Alaaaaa how come syafie ( which is my my cousin btw) can do this!" My cousin, this one is extremely unbelievable. He didn't ate rice for like months and woah, from a fat tree to a traffic light :o Yeah, go on. Imagine it. Doesn't that is just undeniably awesome? Why can't I be like him? :( Hm.

Should I or shouldn't I eat rice tomorrow? Damn it. Don't know. Why am I not getting skinnier like Iman or Amal. Even though I do sit ups for around 50 each day and half an hour cross trainer. It's been two weeks now :/ HAHA duh, i'm stupid. Everything can't just like vuala! change in two weeks. So dumb -.- Haihhh. Let's just hope by December, the world shall have another traffic light which is me. HAR-HAR :P

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