Saturday, 16 October 2010

I shall be make me proud,

Yeahhh, it's been kinda long sejak I blog. I'm becoming a nerd these days and I'm very proud of it :)

I need to ace my exams. All of them. I reapeat. All of them. I actually feel great when I study. It makes me clever eventhough I will never be one. like some people. Nyways, somewhere around last week, I had a mini exam for English, French and Geography. I'm sort of near happy because I've improve. I got ;

English essay : C ( I didn't got to finish the essay, I'm always bad at time management)
Geography : A
French : D ( I've always known this subject need extra studies. Damn -.- )

And plus, I just got back my english coursework and I'm very proud to say I got an A. See how much I've improved? My parents were even happy for me :") I hope this kerajinan will not stop. I just need to work harder.

Yeah :)

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