Friday, 22 October 2010

Nail polish,

YEAYYY. My hair is beginning to grow longer :D like in the picture. I'm lovin em! But I still need to do a fringe. Rimas betul rambut depan nih. Rimas!

hoho. Nyways, from now on I'm making my blog private. I think this is awesome because I can now post whatever I want. I know basically I'm just talking to myself but at least, I have memories..... of me! So when I grow older, I can look back at this blog and read about... me! Wahahaha XD that just sounded gay. lol lol. Kay enough.

So new gossip. Lets talk girls. Ohemgeee, I'm inlike ♥ I love love love this one boy in my school. He's a sixth form. I love his hair and I like his face. He seems asian. Almost everyday, I see him in school. He just eye catching :") So this one day, I heard someone shout his name from far away, so technically from what I heard his name is Benayo? lol lol cute :P But then at this one time, Rebecca was trying to say his name to me but instead she said Banana. lmao. So since then I've been calling him banana. Awwwww I love banana. Banana is so yummy! ♥ lol lol.

Oooooh ooooh! I got more girl gossips. Yesterday I think, yeah yesterday. At lunch, when RMRM just passed the front gate of school, Mayran pinch me and ask me to look infront and guess what I saw. Banana hugging some random girlS :( I was like "no :((((". I stopped directly and I did sort of a sad face and lol Banana looked at me and saw the face and I directly continue walking. Hahahah. He was so cute. Hihi. But then the rest of the day, I was sort dissapointed. Lol :(

But the awesomest thing is everytime I look at him, he sometimes look back. Awwwww :P Hahahaha told ya I'm inlike

Anyways, RMRM represents Rebecca, Mayran, Rose and me. Not to copy you amal but it's just too long to write their names. So I'm no copycat, kay? Just saying :)

Love yah ♥

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