Friday, 10 December 2010

Randomness in the kitchen,

Much much much love! ♥

So today I had an english exam in the morning and a graphics in the afternoon. English exam was okay but I didn't finish writing for this one question. It's always the same particular question. Every time. Must be the poetry section. Kalau tak, mmg tak sah. I'm such a loser when it comes to time management. I always get out of time writing stuffs down. This is why I get low grades -..- well not really, it's also because of my shitty essay. I'm bad bad bad bad at those. That is why i easily get jealous of those who are amazingly talent when speaking english. lol.

Nyways, today since me and mayran had a gap hour between our english exam and graphic's. We decided to go Rose's house. Damn, her mother is amazingly kind! She offered us everything and kept saying if we're hungry just get anything that you can find. Haha awesome ♥ her mom that time was a bit busy packing her stuff. She's going to France for work. amazing right? Oh & rose's family were sort of english mixing with France. So today I got to heard them speak french. Awesomee. I only understand a bit but it was still awesome! hihi.

So conclusion, today was kinda fun cutting out the fact that I did my exam. That was shit. hahaha. Hopefully, i'll get good grades. Please please please! Aminnnn hihi :) ♥ ♥

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