Thursday, 11 November 2010


I can't get you out of my mind, B.

Okay, this has nothing to do with amir. It's about some sixth former at my school. I seriously like you, B. Fyi, B stands for Banana. Haha long story :p

Anyways, I think I have a serious crush on you lah. I'm not even lying. It's been kinda long since I first set my eyes on you. Your face is just amazing. It's addicted.Hihi. I want you badly. Every time I see your cute face in school, I smiled over the moon! Even my heart skips a beat :') I wish we knew each other and we would actually talk to each other. I know all of that is just a dream but please God, help me. Damn damn damn, I want you! :o hahahaha omg, i've gone crazy. Creepy-.-

Kay move on, so technically somehow la kan, this guy call B ni reminds me of I. Like seriously. It makes me miss I more. Well, a bit lah. A bit. Somehow jugak kan, I like that type of face. Haha it's hilarious. Those face just make me go hyper. Damn, nak satu :( Haha.

anyways to conclude, I'm officially undeniably amazingly have a big huge crush on you :s

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