Monday, 6 September 2010


I dream to get A's in all of my exams. I dream to be an athlete in school. I dream to get involve in everything in school. I dream of being a head girl in school. I dream to be the teacher's most favourite student. I dream to get awesome grades in my GCSE. I dream to go straight to college when I go back to Malaysia. I dream of getting into my favourite University. I dream of having the awesome-est friends in college. I dream to get 3 pointer and above in college. Everytime I do exams. I dream of being independent and hard worker when I'm in college. I dream of learning new things that I never knew exist. I dream of following both of my sister's step. I dream to graduate successfully just like my first sister. I dream of getting jobs that I've wanted all my life. I dream of having the fun-est and the awesome-est job in the world. I dream of having the best partner at work. I dream of having my own money. I dream of owning my dream car. I dream of having a banglo house which has a swimming pool and a basketball court.

and much more....

Hahahahahaahah I'm a dreamer :P But not only on education, obviously. I will never get to finish writing all my dreams. It can take months! lol jk :P

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