Thursday, 26 August 2010

My Return (part 2)


Okay. I'm hell bored. I got nothing to do, so I decided to blog. Yeah probably continuing the 'My Return' story. Before that, Gooooood Morning! Wake up with a smile on your face because baby, it's gonna be a sun shiny day. Haha -.-

So okay, on my second saturday, I had two things to do. Going on an ofc date with my dude and attend the smksi's 1Dekad Charity Dinner.

Around 12, A picked me up at my house. We went with his car which I found cool to believe because I get to sit next to him! :B He was undeniably cute. Well obviously for me not for you. That would be gross -.- so after he picked me up, we went to Fiqa's house. Obviously i'm bringing a friend! It's the first date, second dah takde de aku nak bwk sesape. hahah. So then in the car, A asked me if we're going to Mid or Alamanda. Ofc in my head I wanted to go to Mid but there was a reason I couldn't and i'm not gonna tell you why. Let bygones be bygones. Correct? AWESOMELY CORRECT. So we just went to Alamanda. As we arrived, the parking space was kinda full. Sabtu right? Ofc it's full but luckily our luck was okay, so we didn't went until rooftop. Thank God. Haha.

Okay, i'm just gonna tell you what we did. Others are only for me to remember hehe. So sampai sampai je, we went to the cinema to buy the tickets. We were actually going to see Salt but then it's showing at 5 which was late. So we just watched The Sorcerer's Apprentices. We just bought two tickets since Fiqa with a kind heart left me because her abang angkat wanted to take her somewhere else -.- hm let bygones be bygones (: A payed for the tickets. Aww! hehe. Afterwards, we went to McD for lunch. Me and Fiqa didn't really wanted to eat because we were full i guess? So we just bought fries and Milo ice XD A on the other hand bought GCB. Goshh that reminds me that I haven't taste it until now! I need too. I'm not allowed to eat them in London. Tak Halal kan -.-

Then makan makan, Fiqa's abang angkat said he's already there. Okay, dlm hati ni geram sebenarnye haha but what to do. Then saw her abang pass away McDonald.Few minutes after, he came back and took Fiqa away from me. Okay, ayat sedih en? memang sedih pon! haha. then dah Fiqa pegi, it was just me and A. Awww :') then we stayed at McD until 2.30 something and afterwards went to pray. Haha baik kan kiteorg? :P Then around 2.50 went to the cinema. Then excitements builts up as we were making our way :D ececeh ayat best en? haha.

The movie finished around.. erm 5 something? Then we went back home but before that, we went Pekan Kajang. A wanted to buy his bus ticket, so yeahh.. then around 6 we arrived infront of my house.we said our byes and smiled. heeeee until ke mlm ku bersenyum senyum seorang diri mengingat kan haritu. bahagia glee. hehe :')

thanks awak for the memorable day. I love you

Charity Dinner will be continued...

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