Saturday, 13 November 2010

To school and brent cross we go..

Sooooooooooooo harini I had Academic Review Day around 10.30 pagi td. I brought my mom along. I thought of asking my dad to join us but he was kinda busy at his office. So nvm la kan. We arrived at school 5 minutes late. Luckily someone was still there talking to miss. PHEW. Pastu borak borak blahblablah la kan pasal grade n damn, I'm happy! Miss said awesome things about me to my mom. Siap ada perkataan "blossom" lagi tau :P haha. So then miss P took out my previous grade from last year and compared it to the new one. YEAY, i've improved a lot! A LOOOOOOOOOT! hihi i'm happy as well as my mom. Oh oh and my mom also said to miss P that I study a lot and i'm more commited to my studies now which is true. HIHI o:)

Pastu pastu kannnnn, dah habis tu I show lah my mom this one boy that I think is cute. I asked my mom's opinion and yeah, she agreed. Hihi! Love you mommy ♥ xD

Then after dah finish+ keluar skolah, we went to Brent Cross. Wahhhhhh! I was kinda suprised. My mom was buying+ letting me buy things that I want but somehow I felt bad, so I refused. But ada satu benda ni, I didn't want to buy it. I refused but then my mom ask me to take it. So I HAD to took it. hihi. Like seriously. OHMYGODDD :o My mom is amazing. Hahahah.

So to conclude, today I got two pairs of Bra's from La Senza, loads of school stationary, a set of blusher from Boots and.... a smarties Mcflurry! Wuhuuuuu ♥ Hahahha i know, it's not exciting stuffs :P oh yeah btw, can u see I DIDN'T EVEN BOUGHT ANY CLOTHES. I'm such an amzing person. Haha. In fact, I haven't gone shopping for... around 2 months and a half kot. Yeah that is how awesome I am :)

Kay I think i'm going to bed now. I'm hell tired. Nights to myself ♥ :)

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