Friday, 3 September 2010

My Return (Part 3)

Smksi's 1Decade Charity Dinner.

It was alright. I prefer last year's one. It was way better even though it wasn't at a fancy place where u had to dress all 'wuhuu'.

So after the date, I got myself ready to go to Amal's house. I was going with her since my sister was lazy to send me -__- That day, things wasn't gone as planned because of the date. I was a bit late to Amal's house. Lucky she was alright I think? Well that's what I see from her face. Not inside. So when I arrived, I saw Dot, Asyraf (awa's brother) and Afdhal. Dayumm, Dot and Amal looked gorgeous. Haha.

Then we arrived like.. okay I can't remember. But anyways, when we arrived, I was like 'omg -.-' pretty much everyone was wearing baju kurung. Cuak gle kottt. I was like 'Amal, weh! cmne do' over and over again. Lucky, when we were inside there were some people that wore dress. Fuihh :)

Everone was damn pretty man. Guys were ulalala, yg tak hensem terus jadi hensem. Alaha :') hahaha okay gross! ieuw hahah. Then we signed in our name. Time beratur, Zain and Ekmal came to us. Gee, ekmal as always > hehe :") <>

So everything that night was kinda fun. Farah and Dafi came. I went to the Kakak Kakak's table. Took pictures in front of the stage with mammal and awa. Ate nasi briyani which at the end, made some people get stomach ache including me =.= and yeah that was pretty much it. I had fun taking pictures. Ahhh memories <3>

That night, I slept at Amal's house since it was late. We arrived around 12 or 1. It was fun :)

p/s : I left two dress under the table where we were sitting. DAMN IT. It was my fav dress :((((

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