Friday, 3 September 2010

Me got a tee and me is happy =)

I'm still not sleepy. So let me tell ya about what I did today.

So today I went Brent Cross with my mom. Finally. A day to spend my money :B we went there after my mom prayed and yeah it was like around 2.

Sampai sampai sane, we went to H&M. Yeay! me bought a panda tee. I wearing it right now and i'm loving it I know. I'm an un-patient person. I just like wearing new things directly rather than waiting. hehe.

Afterwards, we went to John Lewis. Mom, as usual look around in the area of kitchen. Me just followed because me don't want to get lost. Plus, me dislike getting lost and searching for moi mommy. Haha. In John Lewis, I bought two frame for my pictures. It's been ages since I printed them and I feel sorry for them for not having a frame. A picture without a frame is like a girl without her clothes. Haha okay no. I prefer boys without clothes xD Hahahaha ergh, I know. I'm disgusting :O lool.

Then we went to New Look. For me, it was boring. Nothing made me 'omg, i wanna buy that'. I don't understand why most of my top 10 shops are becoming top 10 from the bottom. I dislike the style. Not of them gets to me.

Then we went to Top Shop. Same. Nothing gets to me. We then went to River Island. Okay this one, I loike! I found a bag that i've been dying to buy but tragically, as I wanted to buy it, my mom said it wasn't worth it. It was like 25 pound. Damn it that is half of my elaun. Hm I wanted it badly but I have to hear what my mom says. No is a no :S

It's okay. There's more beautiful things I can buy. Think positive :)

Then we went... okay not gonna tell. It's boring. It was mostly my mom's shops. So we went back home around 4. Got back, tried my new tee, watched tv, online facebook and in the evening, I helped my mom in the kitchen :)

The end. Yupp, that was pretty much my day..

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