Wednesday, 29 September 2010

London Loves,

My day was kind of awesome. I had a laugh! Thanks to the gfs. lol they always make me happy. THAT IS WHY I HAVE AN AWESOME SCHOOL LIFE. lol. Anywys we saw hairdresser and chocolate bar today. AWWWW :") hairdresser as usual. AWWWEEESOMEEE. cute! hahaha and chocolate bar, yeah cute. lol. Rebecca and mayran doesn't really care about him. It was just me. but however, I loike hairdresser more. He is cute! Hahaha. bullshits :P

oh oh and and today, chocolate bar got the same bus as me. OH EM GEE. I loikeeee hihi :B He looked. Aww me is very happy but I'm not inlike with him anymore. I just get excited when I see him. No more the lovey dovey feeling. Aww congrats for me. I'm awesome. Hahahha.

That was pretty much what I wanted to wrote. Nothing more interesting. I know even what I wrote is not even considered interesting. That is because I have a boring life. Oh yeah, I do but I ROCK. (Y) lol.

Whatevs hahaha ;)

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