Thursday, 23 September 2010

I'm not being a two face.

I don't know which side to choose.

I hate, well more to dislike when people say things about my siblings. Even though close family or friends. It's just a dislike thing to like. Ignore the sentence. If anyone say things about my brother or sisters officially I will defend them but this is my parents i'm talking about. I don't dislike them. OFFICIALLY. they are my parents but I just don't like what they say behind my brother's back. It's just not nice. Kalau ye pun, wait until your in the room lah kan. Because by talking at the back, doesn't mean my brother can't hear and listen to it. This just happen. Not just now. Before. Dulu. In the past. Yeah. I just don't know. I really really hate it because then my brother will get upset and I will feel like screaming and I geram. It's not my parent's fault to be mad at my brother but from my opinion, wait till in the room. Then say everything. Not while your watching tv -_-

I'm not saying I don't talk behind my brother's back. I do but officially not somewhere he could hear. I say things about him but then I will defend him. Yeah two faced? Hm. I should start to shut my mouth and say nothing. That is just the perfect thing to do.

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