Tuesday, 24 August 2010

My Return (part 1)

I'm crying myself out of tears.. I can't bare to think the day i'm going to KLIA and to actually make my way to the other side of my world. I can't imagine life without all my half hearts. Not even near. I know i've been going through this for 2 years but this return was the happiest return and days of my life. At the same time, it's the most painful one. Too many things happen while i was here...

I still remember the first day me meeting my love ones. I came to the carnival.Fiqa came to the front gate and i was shouting "fiqaaa!".we hugged and tell each other how we miss both so much. It put a smile on my face. She then brought me to my other friends. Amal, aisyah, yasmin, najwa and everyone was there. It was the most exciting day ever. I hugged everyone. But najwa didn't really talk to me because i didn't tell her i was coming back. I knew it was my fault. Everyone was kinda suprise about my return.Haha sorry korang! We then went to gerai kak nyna, kak rab, kak hanis and kak farah. I was shouting my heart out on the way there. Mesti lah kan. It was my first time seeing them live! lol. As we arrived, they scream happily, "zetyyyy!". nyna hugged me excitedly. I was like ohmygoddd (!) Sumpah i was happy. Almost everyone looked at us. Hihi. Buat free show sekejap. Then tangkap2 gmba pastu fiqa brought me to Nisa's shop. Bile dah jumpe to, Nisa mcm 'wehhh zetyyy!' she hugged me and yeah she told me how much she misses me. eceh :P Fairuz was also there. She took a picture of me and Nisa and then Nisa ask me to come with her. Jeng jeng jeng, mse ni lah first time nk pegi tgk buah hati dye, H :D

Bile dah sampai, I saw him. He was doing his work, selling things. Nisa told him I was zety and he smiled. Fiqa was next to me and I told her how sweet their face were together. Dorang mmg secocok gle kot. hee :) Me, Nisa and Fiqa talked for a while but not long after that, Nisa had to go because she had some work to do. So me and fiqa just went back to gerai rojak si kakak kakak kite. Haha. Took some pictures of them working, eceh kononnye nak tunjuk rajin la kan :P Fiqa helped them n then i saw aisyah and awa. They were making their way to buy an ice cream, so i followed. Haha but i didn't bought any ice cream. Kekenyangan mse tu. Hehe. Then lepak dgn DAMS. I just followed them since i don't where to go. Yas wanted to buy a balloon, haha so yeah we went to the place. Then otw pegi situ, I accidently terserempak dgn Wan Najmudin. He wanted to meet me badly but i just walked even fast XD He didn't saw me, so yeah alhamdulillah. Haha. Then bile dah beli balloon si yas, kiteorg pegi this one shop that sells some kind of bracelet. I call it African bracelet because they look like they came from there. Haha pfft. memandai je kau nih. We then bought ourselves a bracelet which now, I don't know where i put it :O Teruk gle en? Pfftt, mmg tak layak dpt bracelet betul but luckily it was my money. So yeah :P

We then went depan blik disiplin. Rest there for awhile n then went and sat infront of the stage. There was like a performance/ competition. Not long after that, Dot's boyf came :D They took pictures. Aww they were cute. Jeles i tau. Hahaha. Then we took pictures and just sat there. Then amir texted me saying where am i. Hehe i was yeay he's here. I said i was infront left of the stage but he didn't find me but i did saw him. RAWR. mata tajam XD My heart skipped a beat, he was gorgeous. lmao. N then i asked Amal to come with me to see him because i was scared -.-' But before that, we went and bought Air Sirap yg tak seberapa tu. It was tasteless. Pfftt i would rather buy it for only 10 cent. Tak sedap gle kot. Membazir membazir. Haih.

Hee then the excitement starts, I finally met amir. Ohmygodd, i was damn happy! More than face could tell. Haha. I was smiling every sec but he didn't -.-' pfft but idc. I was too happy to be mad. Haha. He drank my drink. Awww i was melting. Hahaha. We talked but only for a few mins because i had to get myself going. My sister was already waiting for me outside to pick me up cause my family was going back to my village -.- which i was so pissed off. My main reason to come back to Malaysia so early was because of this Carnival and my mom knew that but still, she had to choose to go back to Seremban on that time -.- pfftt takpe, benda dah lepas :)

Time tgh ckp ckp dgn amir, amal was being the photographer. She took pictures of me and him. hehe :') Then amir walked me to the canteen to see my sister.She was waiting. He said bye and then he left. I know, bye wasn't enough but oh well, i was happy. HIHI :")

To be continued...

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