Monday, 30 August 2010

I'm the best thing he ever had

I open my old blog and started to go through it and I found this :

A: well
A: sbnarnye
A: saya bertuah
A: sgt sgt
A: sebab
A: u terima i balik
A: hah
A: if u ta terima i
A: entah la
A: i pon ta tawu na ckap ape
A: sumtimes i fkir
A: boleh ke
A: i idup
A: if ta fikirkan pasal u syg
A: haha
A: hurm
A: camtu lah
A: so
A: if u ask me
A: what is the bestest thing happend to me
A: so it is u
A: the bestest
A: haha

Okay that is freaking sweet :')
Idk if you still mean it because it's old but wtv it is,
I love you <3

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