Monday, 23 August 2010


Like my t-shirt says "Having a blast of a time" (:

I did had fun with Amal and Dot. We played bowling and the result was me being first, amal came second and dot came third. Ehem ehem, i know you area kind person, so why not give me a clap. See! much better. I heard a clap. Thank youuu for once! Hahaha okay, dah mula dah merepek :P

So during the game, izzat came and me and dot were kinda shy. Hahha lmao. Tak sangke depan dye pon bole shy. alahai XD Amal gave him the t-shirt and i don't know whether he likes it or not. You better like it! Hahaha kay jk.

Afterwards, we went inside 'Nichii' and went outside. Didn't bought anything but did took some pictures outside. Made a video. Amal and Dot, ya allah. Hanye tuhan yg tau. Hahah XD Overall, it was fun (:

Thanks to Pakcik Amal for sending and picking us up today. Let me give u a kiss as a return. Muah muah! I know you like it, pakcik. Don't deny it! lol physco :P

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